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Meet Ajanaa

Green House Realty Group

Ajanaa DeCarmo was born and raised in Riverside, California where she grew up until she attended Spelman College in 2010 as a legacy for her undergraduate in Biology.  


After college, Ajanaa moved back to California for 3 years, where she worked both as a Barista at Starbucks and a Client Relations Liaison for a specialty pharmacy. In these jobs, she managed demanding work schedules and a high performance environment. The most rewarding parts of those jobs were performing exceptional customer service and creating genuine relationships around her. 



There was a moment when Ajanaa looked around her and realized how the biosphere was being affected by the impact humans have  on the earth and wanted to do something about it. While she started a non-profit to help the environment, she realized that there were other ways to help the world while being involved in real estate. So she embarked on a mission to help service her clients in real estate and educate them on the personal changes they can make in their everyday lives within their homes. 


Ajanaa currently lives in the growing Capitol View community and can be found being mommy to a beautiful baby boy, serving the community at her food truck park Triton Yards, working out, or exploring Atlanta. Whether a client has a goal to buy or sell as an investor, first time home buyer, or reoccurring homeowner, Ajanaa finds helping her clients reach their new chapter in life to be super rewarding.